Win Back Easter Lottery

26th March 2024


Motor Insurance client Sharon Fanny takes home the SCR75,000 Star Prize in the HSI Win Back Easter Lottery! Ms Fanny has been a HSI client for the past 10 years.

“It was indeed a great surprise to receive such a news on Friday, I had seen the lottery advert on TV, but never would have I imagined that I would win, I still can’t believe it,” she said.

Ms Fanny received her prize from the HSI General Manager Mr. Lambert Woodcock, during a small ceremony on Monday, following the big draw on Friday 22nd March 2024.

Other than the Star Prize, the lottery consisted of 49 consolation prizes worth between SCR3000 to SCR15,000.

The Win Back Easter Lottery was the second draw in the HSI annual lottery series for all its general insurance clients who own policies such as Motor, Householders and Marine.

The final draw is scheduled for 21st June 2024 with a Star Prize of SCR100,000 together with 49 consolation prizes worth SCR3000 to SCR15000.