Private Insurance

Over the years we have responded to the needs of our customers and believe that we have the ability to meet all current insurance needs of private individuals. In the exceptional case we do not, we can of course on request arrange for tailor-made cover for specific or special risks.


Your health care and that of your family can be entirely under our control, just take a Medical Insurance Policy with us. We offer you a policy which will leave you worry free, when you or your loved ones fall sick or are involved in an accident which requires hospitalisation.

Our Medical Insurance Policy covers:

  • In-patient hospitalisation (Room Rent, nursing, surgical appliances, ICU, medicines and consumables)
  • Pre-hospitalisation (Medical expenses before hospitalisation for same condition that insured has been hospitalise for)
  • Post-hospitalisation (Follow up treatment up to 60 days after hospitalization)
  • Day Care Procedures (Less than 24hrs as an inpatient e.g. surgery of the ear, nose, eyes, tonsils)
  • Organ Donor (Medical expenses for harvesting of the organ  if it is for the insured)
  • Medical Check-up (After 4 years being continuously insured with no claim. E.g. ECG, completed blood count, urinalysis)
  • Emergency Ambulance (Reimbursing the insured with the expenses for his or her transportation for treatment as an inpatient)

Information! Please note that it is in your interest to notify the police whenever you are involved in any accident.
Information! Please be advised that at all times you must safeguard your property/asset to minimise your loss/damage.