Group Medical

Group Medical

As an employer you can take our Group Medical as an incentive for your staff. The policy will provide cover for:

  • In-patient hospitalisation: Room rent, nursing, surgical appliances, ICU, medicines and consumables
  • Pre-hospitalisation: Medical expenses before hospitalisation for same condition that insured has been hospitalise for
  • Post-hospitalisation: Follow up treatment up to 60 days after hospitalisation
  • Day Care Procedures: Less than 24hrs as an inpatient e.g. surgery of the ear, nose, eyes, tonsils
  • Organ Donor: Medical expenses for harvesting of the organ  if it is for the insured
  • Medical Check-up: After 4 years being continuously insured with no claim. E.g. ECG, completed blood count, urinalysis
  • Emergency Ambulance: Reimbursing the insured with the expenses for his or her transportation for treatment as an inpatient

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