• House/Fire Insurance

    • Protect your priceless possessions with HSI.

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  • Vehicle Insurance

    • Why worry about expensive repairs and replacements for your vehicle when you can choose H Savy Insurance for your protection.

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  • Life Assurance

    • They say people protect what they love. For your peace of mind, why not choose HSI!

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  • Marine Insurance

    • Do not be left stranded, leave your worries ashore, think H Savy Insurance.

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In business, there is nothing more basic to success than having loyal customers and employees. It brings emotional stability, drives lifetime values and reduces transactional costs.


By accepting our roles as social actors and thinking beyond our monetary responsibilities, companies can better understand the fundamental importance for us to operate successfully in today’s business environment.


Reliability matters. Being a dependable company means that we do what we promised to do and that others can count on us. We lead with trust.

About us

H SAVY INSURANCE (HSI) is a leading insurance provider, offering a comprehensive range of general and life insurance products. We are a highly customer focused company and pride ourselves on our service delivery quality and after-sales care. The company operates locally through its offices on the main island of Mahe and the second largest island in the Seychelles archipelago Praslin. Internationally, HSI collaborates with a wide network of world-class reinsurers and insurance brokers.

  •  We offer affordable and trusted insurance solutions to businesses and households
  •  We value our customers, shareholders, suppliers, regulators and all other business partners
  •  We care deeply about the community and environment we operate in

Celebrating 25 Years of Success!


Buy a life insurance, credit life or mortgage plan of SCR 50,000 or more and receive a FREE funeral cover worth SCR 25,000 and 10% DISCOUNT on your private car, taxi or home insurance.

Offer valid until 1st April 2021.


Number of Years in Service General Business


Number of Staff


Number of Years in Service Life Business

Winning People

We believe in promoting a healthy co-existence between businesses and the community. Our goal is to make a significant impact on the people, society, and the planet.

  • ICT Equipment Donation

    • HSI contributes towards Blood Transfusion Centre’s new data management project

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  • HSI launches its new WIN BACK LOTTERY series

    • HSI is rolling out a series of free lotteries, to celebrate its 25th anniversary

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  • Young Local Entrepreneur Wins Big with HSI

    • The lucky winner of the HSI Win Big lottery receives his new Toyota Yaris Hybrid

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What to do in the event of an accident?

Inform the Police

4288000 or 999

Take details of the other parties involved

Report to our offices at the soonest

+248 4280441 or claims@hsi.sc

For Comprehensive Policy Holders
Contact someone from the Breakdown Services

24/7 Breakdown Services 2578888 or 2588889
Asba Breakdown Services 2512102 or 2519251


You are covered

We offer a wide range of products. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs and we will provide cover that suits your lifestyle.