Team Up for Beach Clean-Up

23rd March 2024


To celebrate World Water Day, H Savy Insurance (HSI) teamed up with Parley Seychelles to clean up Grand Anse Mahe beach.

The Grand Anse Mahe beach, a frequently visited place in Seychelles was identified as one on the beaches with plastic pollution mainly from tiny pieces of plastic called microplastics which if left in the environment is harmful to people, sea animals and their habitat.

The Clean-up started with a short presentation by Parley Seychelles outlining their roles and focusing on environmental protection and effects of microplastics in the environment before the team headed out for the trash collection.

Volunteers from both groups worked hard over 3 hours to pick up litter along the shore and coast area. The trash collected were separated into plastic and other waste which was later counted. At the end of the clean-Up 35 kg of waste had been collected by the team and the data was recorded by Parley which will assist with research and decision making vis-à-vis waste reduction and environment protection.

This effort shows how important it is for everyone to play their role in the protection of our Seychelles islands and the planet.

By working together, HSI and Parley Seychelles showed their commitment to protecting the Earth’s environment – keeping our oceans safe and our wildlife healthy.