S4S Colleen Morel Scholarship Award

10th June 2021


First-year UniSey student Maryssa Samedi wins the 2021 S4S Colleen Morel Scholarship Award, sponsored by H Savy Insurance.

The BSc Environmental Science student received her SCR 10,000 award during a small ceremony at the H Savy Insurance Kingsgate office, on Thursday 10 June 2021.

This was in the presence of a member of the Colleen Morel’s family, Mr Nigel Pillay, HSI representatives and Maryssa’s mother Ms Marie-Chantale Nicole.

Maryssa who is a member of local environmental group SYAH, has also been an environmental activist from a very young age.

“By joining the environmental course at Unisey I have been able to turn my passion for the environment into a career path, and the award is testimony that I have certainly made the right choice,” said Maryssa.

“Ever since I was a little girl in my school’s Wild Life Club, I have been passionate about environment protection. Winning this award at the beginning of my degree will definitely be an encouragement to persevere in my studies, and allow me to contribute positively towards local and global efforts to protect the environment,” Maryssa added.

The award which recognizes exemplary environmental students was initiated under the HSI Statutory Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in 2017.

“With the termination of the CSR tax in April 2021, we felt it was important for us to honor our commitment towards our partners and students and incorporated the awards as an annual company donation, said the General Manager of H Savy Insurance, Mr Lambert Woodcock.

The S4S grant which is a collaboration between the local environment group, UniSey and HSI, consist of two awards.

The second SCR 10,000 award- S4S Colleen Morel Environmental Science Achievement Award, will be presented during UniSey’s graduation ceremony later this year.