Partners in Health

15th March 2019


HSI Handovers newly renovated kitchen to the North East Point Hospital

Present at the ceremony was the Minister for Health, Jean-Paul Adam, CEO of Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HSI, Jean Weeling-Lee, General Manager of HSI Lambert Woodcock and the General Manager of Constance Ephelia Resort, Stephane Duchene, amongst other invitees.

The renovation forms part of a bigger project in partnership with local NGO, Friends of North East Point Hospital & Hospice, H Savy Insurance and the Constance Ephelia Resort.

Under the partnership, H Savy Insurance assisted the hospital with the refurbishment of one of its main kitchens at the Occupational Therapy wing and a pantry at the Hospice.

The renovation work also consisted of another kitchen, sponsored by the Friends of North East Point Hospital and Hospice with the assistance of some other partners.

The revamp of both kitchens are aimed at bettering the lives of the patients and facilitating their movements particularly for those who uses wheelchairs.

In order to improve the facilities at the North East Point Hospital, the Constance Ephelia resort also donated some 70 chairs to be used in various units at the hospital.