Ocean Innovation Award

12th April 2024


H Savy Insurance (HSI) supports a local award focused on developing innovative strategies to preserve the ocean.

Ms. Vicky Durant, the winner of the Ocean Innovation Award, received her prize in a ceremony presented over by HSI representative, Mrs. Marie Paule Samson.

The Ocean Innovation Award presentation coincided with the 5th anniversary of the first deep ocean scientific research expedition that was carried out in Seychelles waters in 2019. The award was organised by the Danny Faure Foundation in collaboration with the international marine research foundation Nekton and other partners.

Nekton is a scientific expedition focused on exploring the deep ocean. It involves researchers from around the world working together to study marine life, rocks, and the environment deep underwater. The goal is to understand how the deep ocean works and why it’s important for our planet’s health and wildlife.

Ms. Durant will have the great opportunity to attend a five-day educational visit at Nekton headquarters in the UK, with HSI proudly covering her flight expenses.