HSI Squash Tournament

11th September 2019


Pragassen described this year’s tournament as quite tough where he had to overcome many challenges. But, was very happy to have won the tournament once more. The number one player has won numerous titles in the past including in 2014.

The tournament took place from 26th- 30th August 2019 with the participation of over twenty players. In the race for the shield, Mickey Noel faced Shawn Caithness with Noel winning the competition after a four set battle.Michael Landon met Aurore Archambal in the plate final, where Landon claimed victory after five sets.

The winners of the tournament received their prizes at the end of the finals, at the squash court, Mont Fleuri, on Friday 30th August 2019. HSI has vowed to continue supporting the Seychelles Squash Association as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR). During, 2018-2019 HSI has worked together with different individuals and groups on over 50 CSR projects.

For the coming year, the company hopes to increase its scope of sponsorship with the Squash Tournament as one of its yearly events.