HSI 25th Anniversary Celebration

17th July 2020


The new offices comprises of the Life department and the Corporate Affairs and Compliance department.

Present at the ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday 17th of July, was the Chairman of the HSI board of directors Jean Weeling-Lee, Directors Capt David Savy and Adrian Skerrett, General Manager of HSI Lambert Woodcock, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Service Authority, Dr Steve Fanny, Director of Insurance and Pension Supervision, Garry Jupiter, together with other members of the HSI management team and staff.

In his address at the ceremony, the General Manger of HSI Mr Lambert Woodcock described the 25 years in operation as an interesting journey.

“Since the opening there has been many challenges that we have overcome. When we first started in 1995 there were only 5 employees including myself, but we are now a family of 54, showing how the company has grown over the years,” said Mr Woodcock.

Other than Mr Woodcock three other members of the senior management, also celebrated 25 years of service with the company, Mrs Veronica Lalande Head of Corporate Business and Reinsurance, Ms Marie-Luce Mondon Head of Finance and Mrs Elisabeth Thelemaque, Assistant Manager of Corporate Business and Reinsurance.

Chairman Weeling-Lee who has also been part of HSI since its inception pointed out that it had been a rewarding journey and the company is proud to celebrate its position in the society today.

“HSI looks forward to the next 25 years with much confidence so that we never part with what made us great which is a human touch. We touch many hearts with our community outreach activities and this is what sets us apart,” he said.

Mr Weeling-Lee ended by pointing out that while going digital is the future, particularly now with the new normal in view of the evolving COVID-19 crisis, the company cannot lose track of its customers who prefer to come to its offices.