Baby Screening

9th July 2019


HSI and Constance Ephelia Resort fund new national baby screening project under the purview of the Health Care Agency.
The donation of about 1.36 million rupees was facilitated through a partnership with the Friends of North East Point Hospital and Hospice association.
The two sister companies of the Corvina Investment Company, officially handed over the donation to the Ministry of Health during a ceremony to launch the fourth Early Childhood Care and Education National Action Plan 2019-2020 on Thursday 05th July 2019.
It was the Minister for Health Mr Jean-Paul Adam who accepted the donation from the General Manager of HSI, Mr Lambert Woodcock and the General Manager of Constance Ephelia Resort, Mr Stephen Stephane Duchenne.
HSI has funded the Installation and commissioning of the equipment at the sum of SCR78, 101 while Constance Ephelia sponsored the principal equipment at SCR 1,283,209.
The baby-screening project will allow the Ministry of Health to screen new-borns for serious medical conditions, and allow for early medical treatment.