15th Anniversary Celebration

29th December 2021


The company adopted the children’s home in 2006, and over the years HSI has supported the Foyer in various ways.

To mark this momentous occasion, HSI made a special donation to all the children and sisters at the children’s home.

Every year at Christmas time, HSI tries to make a difference in the lives of all the children through special Christmas gifts. Based on their needs, the company also donates different necessities that the home would require throughout the year.

This year was extra special as the insurance company and Foyer de la Providence commemorated 15 years of partnership.

“It has been an immense pleasure for HSI to support the home over the past years, we hope that we’ve been able to leave a lasting legacy and touch the lives of the various children who have gone through the foyer,” said the General Manager of HSI Mr Lambert Woodcock.

He added that as a long-standing partner of the home, HSI will continue to find ways to help the Foyer and directly impacting the lives of vulnerable children.

On her part the Sister in Charge of the Foyer, Rosefine Vola has thanked HSI for all its valuable contribution and support.

“Our partnership with HSI has truly been a godsend, especially when it came to the children’s birthdays, confirmation or even children’s day, we knew that even if we weren’t able to provide the children with something special, HSI would always remember every occasion, touching the hearts of the children.

We have sincerely appreciated all the support and assistance that the company has provided to us and hope that the partnership will continue in the years to come, so that we may continue bring joy to the children’s lives,” said Sister Rosefine.