Win Big 2020

12th July 2019


The 2020 campaign was officially launched at a ceremony to handover the Star Prize of the 2019 lottery to its lucky winner, Mr Gregory Albert on Wednesday 10th July 2019.

The event took place at Maison Marengo, Domaine de Val des Pres, Au Cap, in the presence of the HSI staff, Mr Albert’s Insurance Brokers, Advance Business Solutions and auto dealers, amongst other invitees. Win Big 2019 was the second lottery organized by HSI for all its full comprehensive Motor Private and Taxi clients, who automatically qualified for the draw upon renewal or purchased of new business from the company. As the lucky winner of the 2019 lottery, Mr Albert won a brand new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid and 50% discount on a Comprehensive Insurance policy for the car.

In his address at the handover ceremony, the General Manager of HSI, Mr Woodcock, congratulated Mr Albert on winning this year’s lottery. “Win Big Lottery remains the biggest reward that HSI offers its clients as a sign of appreciation for their contributions in the company. It is also our way of raising more awareness on the benefits of being fully insured, in case of accidents. Other than the Win Big lottery, we hope to organise quarterly lotteries with exciting prices for all our clients in General and Life business,” said Mr Woodcock.

The next Win Big lottery which will coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the insurance company is scheduled for June 2020, with the Toyota Yaris Hybrid as the Star Prize.