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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors


Dear visitor,

Welcome to our company’s website, showcasing our products and services as well as providing some important insights on our employees, history, corporate culture and aspirations.

H Savy Insurance Co Ltd commenced operations in July 1995 and will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2015.  By any industry yardstick, the company has had a very successful run, building its premium income base from well under R10 million in its inaugural year to almost R150 million in its 2013-14 financial year.

Since the beginning, we have pursued a very prudent business strategy focussing on strong products, realistic pricing and sound underwriting practices.  Above all, we have spared no efforts to ensure that we deliver a service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.  We have always believed that whilst sound and competitive products will win us customers, only great service will guarantee that we retain them for life.  For this reason, we believe in placing our clients at the very centre of what we do.

Our corporate slogan “Winning People, together, today, for life…” beautifully captures the essence of this conviction.

In putting our customers first, we have experienced strong inorganic growth and we have managed this growth with stealth and humility.  Today, we are proud to have achieved market leadership in general business insurance.  Despite intense and growing competition, we intend to maintain this position in the future.

We are grateful to our employees for having consistently delivered the financial and service targets we have set them over the past twenty years.  We are especially proud of their commitment to service excellence - Even after so many years, we continue to be amazed by their ability to delight customers in very creative and memorable ways.

Going forward, we will strive to improve and build on our current success.  We will reinforce our core corporate values, specifically in regards to observing transparency, fairness, integrity and social responsibility in all our business dealings.  Through our community outreach and corporate responsibility programme, we will continue to support poverty-alleviation initiatives, sports as well as projects linked with environmental sustainability and biodiversity promotion.

If you are one of our thousands of satisfied customers, we take this opportunity to thank you for your support and the trust you have placed in us.  We value you and your business enormously and we look forward to your continued patronage.

If you are a prospective customer, we invite you to peruse through the contents of this website and should you have any queries, feel free to contact us at any time.  We believe in our products and service and we are passionate about our customers.  We invite you to visit us at Maison La Rosiere and we guarantee that this will be the beginning of a partnership for life!


J G Weeling-Lee