Mission & Objectives


Our VISION is to be the leading insurance service provider in Seychelles and be valued by the community as a dynamic, enterprising, innovative and customer-focused company.



Our MISSION is to offer affordable and trusted insurance solutions to businesses and households whilst pursuing excellence in service delivery and observing transparency, integrity and social responsibility in all commercial dealings.



We believe that the intrinsic foundations of our business are LOYALTY, RESPONSIBILITY, RELIABILITY, REPUTATION and TRUST.  Our corporate VALUES reflect our conviction in these core qualities.

Over the past fifteen years, our company has grown from an insignificant start-up operation to become a major insurance company in Seychelles.  This major business expansion has been managed in an organic and seamless way and achieved whilst observing high ethical business standards.  Our ambition is to be instinctively the first choice in insurance service through strong brand recognition and by being market leader in both Life & General Insurance business.

As a company, we value our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, regulators and all other business partners.  In all our interactions with them, we strive to maintain the highest standards of transparency, fairness, integrity and ethics.

We care deeply about the community and environment we operate in and we strive to demonstrate this through our corporate responsibility and community outreach activities.


In the conduct of our business, we maintain full compliance with all laws, regulations and standards relevant to the insurance business.  As a rule, we endeavour to do business with partners and suppliers who share our core values.  In the cases where some don’t, we actively encourage them to adopt the same.


By following such exacting standards, we have built our reputation as a reliable, honest and responsible insurance service provider.  We will remain committed to these standards. This is how we hope to continue to grow our reputation and our business.



In part, our success has been based on the quality products we offer and the manner in which we consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.  For the most part however, we recognise that such success would not have been possible without the support and loyalty of our thousands of satisfied customers and the trust that they have placed in us.   For this very reason, we value our customers enormously and our gratitude is reflected in the special way we serve and treat each one of them.