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"At the heart of our success, is our signature service ethos…."

Behind this very ethos are our employees, a coveted blend of seasoned senior executives, solid mid-level professionals and energetic young technicians whose personal profiles follow below:..

Lambert J. Woodcock (ACII)

Chartered Insurer General ManagerLambert is a professional chartered insurer with over 30 years of experience in the insurance business. He has earned the accolade of being the country's leading authority on insurance matters. Friendly, accessible and courteous are often used to describe his attitude towards clients however small or large. He is an active Rotarian and has developed an extensive business network in Seychelles and beyond.

Lambert is presently the Chairman of the National Early Childhood and Education Trust Fund Board. A Board Member of the Seychelles Pension Fund Board of Trustees and a Member of the National Emergency Foundation. He also serves as a Committee Member of the Policy Owners' Protection Fund.

Marie Luce Mondon

Finance Manager General & LifeMarie-Luce has headed the company's accounts department since inception. She has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry and is well known for her integrity and strong work ethics. She is well respected within the company and is famously known to run the accounts department with military discipline. In addition to General business, she now oversees the finance function of the revamped and restructured Life Department.

Veronica Lalande

Manager Corporate Business & Claims

Veronica currently heads the Corporate Business portfolio as well as double-hatting as Head of Claims Department. She joined H. Savy Insurance in 1995 and has over 30 years of extensive insurance experience behind her. Veronica is of quiet but confident demeanour which belies her profound knowledge in reinsurance matters and in claims adjustment settlement. Over long career, she has mentored and groomed many younger colleagues to senior positions.

Murline Lebon

Manager Motor & Non-motor

Murline has a professional background in journalism and media. She has previously held the portfolio of Corporate Affairs and been responsible for sales and marketing. In addition to this role, she has also served as Manager of Life Department. She is now the Manager of Motor and Non-Motor retail business whilst tasked with the added responsibility of overseeing the Life Department. Over the years she has accumulated considerable underwriting experience and is well respected in the industry for her passion and engagement in growing sales in challenging circumstances.

Georgette Gendron

Human Resource Manager

Georgette has spent 14 years  in the teaching profession and resigned as Head of Business Studies in 2009. Holding a Degree in Business & Administration including additional training in Human Resources Development, she ventured in the private sector in 2010 and provided training to the front line employees in various organisations.For the past four years she was employed on a part-time basis by Corvina Management,  handling the human resources functions for both Mahe Shipping and H Savy Insurance Companies.  She is now a full time employee for H Savy Insurance Company occupying the post of Human Resources Manager.  Georgette is working alongside the management team to fulfill the expectations of employees and accomplish the Company’s immediate and long term goals.

Life Department

Christina Palmyre

Insurance Executive

Christina is currently a key member of the HSI Life's team, holding the position of Insurance Executive. She comes to the company after spending 24 years in the public sector as a Private Secretary. Although quiet of demeanour, she is confident on the job and has integrated very well in the team, quickly mastering the duties assigned to her. Clients have warmed up to her and she has already gained their respect. As she matures in the post and acquires experience, she is set to become a very active member of the Life sales team.

Carolynn Barreau

Insurance Technician

Carolynn started her career in the Tourism industry and later joined the Mauritius Commercial Bank as a Customer Representative. She joined the Life Department in 2015 as an Insurance Technician. Her colleagues describe her as very helpful and energetic. During her time with the Department she has quickly adapted to her new working environment and built strong bonds with colleagues. She is a keen leaner and her thirst for knowledge will no doubt help her grow in her new career path. Her considerable experience in customer service and passion to succeed have made her quite a hit with customers.

Claims Department

Keven Furneau

Assistant Manager

Keven joined the company as Claims Liaison Officer and has been described as a versatile and efficient officer with the ability to handle multiple claims files whilst shuttling from office to inspection sites seemingly every minute. His knowledge of the motor business, boundless energy, fairness and sublime negotiating skills have underpinned his success in this role. He is currently the Assistant Manager in the Claims Department, a critical role to discharge in view of the need to interface with clients and negotiate settlement of claims in a fair and efficient manner.

Natalie David

Asssitant Manager

Natalie joined the company after a 12-year career in the automobile sales and repair business. She had studied at the School of Business Studies and Accounting, and obtained a Diploma in Business Studies and Accounting in 1998-1999. She is currently discharging the key role of dealing with all major Motor claims files in the Claims Department. In such a position, she has proved very effective at managing stakeholder relationships, especially with clients, parts suppliers and repairers.

Veronica Hoarau

Insurance Executive

Veronica joined the company in 2006 as a trainee. Under the mentorship of her senior colleagues, she has made considerable progress in her career as an Insurance Technician. She is currently an Insurance Executive in the Claims Department. Though seemingly serious in demeanour, she is a very pleasant and accessible person with excellent client interfacing skills.

Samuel Mederic

Insurance Technician

Samuel is another new member of the Claims team. He has previously worked with the Seychelles Revenue Commission and with a construction company. He is a graduate of the Seychelles Polytechnic and the Seychelles Institute of Management. Since joining, he has shown great promise in his role as a Claims Processing Officer, having the requisite investigative skills of an ex-Tax Officer.

Rachel Margueritte

Insurance Technician

Rachel is another newly recruited member of the Claims Department. She graduated from the STA with a Diploma in Reception Operations and Services. Before joining the company she worked as a cabin crew with local airline, Air Seychelles and later as a resort host at Banyan Tree. Her transition to the insurance business has been quite amazing; her supervisors have been impressed by her fast acquisition of the hard skills required in processing and adjusting claims. Her strong previous background in customer care has made her very competent in dealing with many distressed customers filing claims.

Trevor Morel

Insurance Technician

Trevor joined the Claims Department as an Insurance Technician in 2016. He graduated from the Seychelles Tourism Academy in 2008. Though quiet and soft spoken in nature Trevor has settled in well with the vibrant Claims Department staff.  Trevor is a keen learner and has proven to be reliable, hardworking and a very good team player.

Accounts Department

Jostein Larsen

Insurance Technician

Jostein is a graduate of the School of Business Studies & Accounting, finishing with an advanced certificate and diploma in hand. He started his first job at a local bank but left after a few months to join the Finance Department of the company at the post-level of Insurance Technician. Despite being inexperienced, he has quickly gained the respect of his senior colleagues for the enthusiasm and engagement he has demonstrated in his role. He is a serious and adept young man with the ambition to rise up the ranks as he acquires the skills and experience on.

Hilda Chetty

Insurance Technician

Hilda has had a long service record with the company in an administrative capacity, during which time she had demonstrated an exceptionally sharp mind, especially in handling figures. Given such an aptitude her appointment as the company's cashier in 2000 has been a natural one. She proved perfect at her job, discharging her duties accurately and responsibly and interfacing nicely with clients.Recently, she was transferred to a different role in the Accounts department, taking on some accounting responsibilities, notably in the area of debtors’ control.

Patricia Ally

Insurance Technician (Cashier)

After working mostly in tourism, Patricia applied for the position of Cashier with the company and secured the job in competition with many other applicants, thanks no doubt to her quiet but confident demeanour and aptitude with figures. She is a quick learner and will certainly grow in role within the company as she builds up her knowledge and experience in insurance.

Shafira Charlette

Insurance Technician

Shafira joined the HSI Accounts team in June 2016 in the post of Accounts Supervisor. After completing her studies at the School of Advanced Level Studies, she joined the world of work in December 2014. Shafira is very outgoing and is an eager leaner. She is also friendly, helpful and respectful towards her colleagues, making her a great addition to the HSI Team.


Jutanne Bonnelame


Jutanne is currently the friendly face at the company's reception counter. Behind her permanently relaxed and welcoming face, is an experienced insurer, able in her own right to handle insurance queries from clients and if need be, directing them to other technical colleagues.She was transferred to the underwriting department in 2013 before being transferred back to front office duties.

Cindy Lablache

Insurance Technician

Cindy has had a varied career, covering tourism and education before entering the world of business as a receptionist. In 2014, she joined the company as an Insurance Technician with the express role of providing administrative support and taking charge of the filing function of the company.She is now well settled in role and enjoying the challenge.

Middle Office

Chrissy Hoareau

Senior Insurance Executive

Chrissy started her career with the Seychelles Police Force in 2006 after successfully completing a recruit training course. She rose up the rank from Constable in the Scientific Support and Crime Records Bureau to be in charge of the Operation Secretariat of the Police at the rank of Inspector. She joined the company November, 2013, working initially in the Renewals Section of the Middle Office and then Corporate Affairs. Chrissy is now the main compliance officer in the Corporate Affairs and compliance department.

Corporate Business Department

Elisabeth Thelemaque

Assistant Manager

Elisabeth is a seasoned insurance professional with over 25 years of expertise in underwriting and reinsurance. She is a critical member of the company with specialised knowledge of the reinsurance business. She is currently serving as the deputy of the corporate underwriting departmental head. Although unassuming and simple in outlook, she has the capacity to handle complex tasks and can function under demanding conditions.

Sandra Antat

Senior Insurance Executive

Sandra began her career with the company as a trainee insurance technician during which time she showed great promise for a professional career in the business. A few years ago, she opted to pursue a degree study abroad and having realised her ambition, re-joined the company a few years back and promoted to Insurance Executive. She is now holding the post of Senior Insurance Executive in the Corporate Business Department, assisting her senior colleagues cope with a major surge in corporate business.

Britta Nourrice

Insurance Executive

Britta is a fresh addition in the Corporate Department, holding advanced level qualifications. She is of quiet disposition but with a nonetheless endearing personality when dealing with colleagues and customers. Prior to joining the company she worked in the banking sector as an Operations Clerk – in this capacity she had undergone training in Compliance and Customer service, skills that are equally relevant in the insurance industry. She is a fast learner and has quickly adjusted to her new role in the Department. From early indications, she’s made a rapid and commendable transition from banking to insurance.

Non Motor Department

Francia Kilindo

Assistant Manager Non-Motor

Francia started her career in general business, then very successfully and seamlessly shifted to Life Business. She has strong client interfacing skills and is never visibly flustered irrespective of the difficulties at hand. There is calmness in her approach to life which explains her success at dealing magnificently with clients. She has moved on promotion back to the General Business Department in the position of Assistant Manager (Non-Motor) where she is showing strong leadership qualities.

Gretel Lucas

Insurance Executive

Gretel started her career in the tourism and leisure industry before turning to the consumer retail business as a Boutique Supervisor. After five years in retail business, she applied and successfully secured the job of Insurance Technician in the Non-Motor department. She is fast acquiring the necessary skill sets to function as an effective underwriter.After successfully completed her Foundation course with the Guy Morel Institute and based on her exceptional performance, Gretel has been promoted to the position of Insurance Executive.

Isabelle Delpeche

Insurance Technician

Isabelle started her career with the company in January 2015 as an Insurance Technician in the Policy Servicing Life Department before being transferred to the Non-Motor Department. She is young and by nature very energetic. Previously, she had been employed with several companies, including Cable & Wireless, Nouvobanq and BMI in the fields of Customer Service and Accounting.  During her formative years, she has also undergone different trainings in the field of Money Laundering.Upon joining, Isabelle has undergone a customer service training with the company and Foundation in Insurance Course with the University of Seychelles.

Amanda Cadence

Insurance Technician

Amanda joined H Savy Insurance in March 2016 as an Insurance Technician. Hailing from JOUEL’s boutique and with her experience and knowledge in customer service, it did not take her long to settle in her new role. Soft spoken in nature, Amanda has integrated very well in her job and is well liked by her clients and colleagues alike. She displays a great deal of calmness when dealing with challenging situation. She is indeed a great addition to the Non-Motor Department Team.

Motor Department

Nathasia Morel

Assistant Manager

Nathasia joined the company in 2006 at the level of Trainee Insurance Technician. Under the guidance of her departmental head, she has made remarkable progress in the business and can today cope admirably with her underwriting duties. In solidarity with her other colleagues, she is also known for her passion and commitment to great service at the point of sales and after sales. In recognition of how much she has grown in confidence, ability and experience, she is now the Assistant Manager in the Motor Department. Nathasia is well liked by her clients for her exceptional customer service delivery.

Wendy Bristol

Insurance Executive

Wendy joined the company in 2011 after graduating from the School of Advanced Level Studies and has served in various roles before finding her ideal position – my niche as she outs it - in the Motor Department. She is a confident operator, sharp at her terminal work station and excellent interfacing with clients. She is also highly ambitious and wants to progress far in the world of insurance.  Wendy was promoted to the position of Insurance Executive in late 2015.  Over the years she has acquired great customer service skills and is well liked by her clients.

Fatima Woodcock

Insurance Technician

Fatima is a determined young lady who gained her educational qualifications through the Adult Learning Distance Educational Center (ALDEC). After a career in airlines and retail sales, she joined the company as a receptionist. She was then transferred to the Middle-Office as Insurance Technician and later moved to the Motor Department.

Karyn Agrippine

Insurance Technician

Karyn joined the Motor Department in March 2016 having just completed her studies at the School of Business Studies and Accounting in December 2015. Prior to joining H Savy, she has had a few a work experience during school attachment. Although a bit timid and quiet in nature, Karynn has gained confidence in what she does and interacts well with her colleagues and clients.

Renewal Department

Nellie Daka

Assistant Manager

Nellie is a very versatile operator, having worked in underwriting and claims during her long career. Even under intense pressure, Nellie is known to remain calm and attentive. She has mentored many past employees and is a strong team player. After holding the position of Assistant Manager Non-Motor, she is now discharging the responsibilities of Assistant Manager in the newly-created Middle-Office taking ownership of the critical function of renewals and customer support.

Maxima Cambridge

Insurance Technician

Maxima hails from a career in front office administration. When the opportunity to work in insurance emerged, she was quick to take up the challenge and from all accounts, she is a fast learner. After a spell in claims processing, she moved to Motor Underwriting and is presently working in the Renewals section of the newly-created Middle Office. Despite taking on new challenging roles, she has reputedly never lost her infectious smile whilst on the job.

Maria Ismael

Insurance Technician

Maria is of quiet disposition but behind this innocuous facade, lies an efficient employee, as focussed on service delivery as any of her other colleagues. Over the years she has proved her worth within the organization and is now attached to the middle office, working in the Renewals Section.

Jeanette Mousbe

Insurance Technician

Jeanette is a new member of the Renewal Department. She is an STA graduate with a Diploma in Reception Operation & Services. Jeanette started her carrier in the tourism industry working as a Guest Service Agent at Le Meridien Barbarons. She joined the company last year and has proved herself to be a keen and fast leaner. Jeanette is described by her supervisor as having a very friendly and pleasant personality.

IT Department

Jean-Francois Adam

Corvina Group IT Manager

Jean-Francois has been providing critical IT network and mail exchange server support to the company for over a decade. By nature, he is very technology-inclined and he is consistently acquiring new knowledge. He gained accreditation as an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) in 2001 and has updated his skills to the status of an MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional). He has recently completed his MBA.

Maurine Hollanda

Counterpart Systems Analyst/Programmer

After a long professional break, Maurine joined the company in early 2011 and took on the role of Counterpart Systems Analyst/Programmer in the IT department. After spending many years working for a large multinational communications company, she has found the experience of working for a small, progressive local corporate refreshingly different but challenging. Under the tutorship of the expatriate Consultant, she has made tremendous progress in understanding the company’s AIMS business platform.

In 2013, she was assigned the task of coordinating the implementation of the new Softclans SLAMS business solution for the company – the project has recently gone live and the Consultants are scheduled to depart as soon as the system has comfortably bedded-in, leaving Maurine behind to keep the platform going.

Jean-Paul d'Offay

System Administrator

Jean-Paul is the youngest recruit in the IT Department and he is a young, vibrant and energetic member of the team with a wealth of knowledge. He has worked for the Ministry of Health where he was the key person to the development in the IT network infrastructure and the linking of all the Health Centres across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. He played a key role in the setting up the Telemedicine system between the Victoria Hospital and the Apollo hospital in India. He is a great asset to our company.

Praslin Office

Margaret Souffe

Insurance Technician

Margaret is our company’s representative on Praslin Island. She has a very engaging personality, oozing energy and friendliness. She has previously worked in the hospitality industry before moving into local government administration. Her conversion to the world of insurance happened in 2011 when she joined the company. Since then, she has proved very adept at winning the trust and building close ties with the Praslinois clients. To enhance her skills, she has pursued a customer service course and successfully passed the Foundation course in insurance.